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 Hi Misty, we’re looking forward to having you back at the next Cairo Sessions. If you had to pick one, what has been your most memorable thing about playing at Space ?

Honestly, you cant really only pinpoint one thing about Space because not only is the Sound system the best I’ve ever played on but the whole design of the club is phenomenal. I remember when I played here last year, it was my first time inside the club and I was really put out of words with the whole vibe and effort being put in the place.

Where else are some of your most special places to play and why ?

If I had to put it down to four places I played in last year, It would be The temple Cairo, Space Sharm, Club M in Sahel and theatre of dreams in Nuweiba.

Could you describe your current studio set up? How often does it change?

Currently im running ableton on an Imac, Apogee Duet 2 soundcard with Dynaudio BM6A monitors running various software vsts & plugins. In terms of outboard gear, I use my Moog Minitaur for pretty much everything from Basslines to Strings (don’t believe the description of it being solely for basslines, you can program anything on it) and a Korg microkorg.

Are there any new audio or music production technologies out there that excite you?

The three Synths I’ve been really trying to get my hands on are the Doepfer Dark Energy II, Korg Minilogue and the Moog Sub 37

What’s the Tech/techno scene like in Cairo at the moment?Any up-and- coming producers we should be aware of? 

The scene in Egypt is always evolving and lately everyone has beenadopting their own style as oppose to every dj sounding the same and this is actually leading to a lot of dj’s getting recognition form abroad. I think this is the best period and opportunity for us to really put Egypt on the map as one of the new scenes in electronic


What’s next for Misty?

I’ve been taking a step back and focusing mainly on productions and really just improving in the studio for the next few months. I’ve got some projects lined up for release this summer which should be announced soon 🙂